Daniele Scasciafratte

Mozilla Rep, Mozilla TechSpeaker, Co Founder Codeat as Full Stack Developer/CTO, Council member of Italian Linux Society

WordPress Core Contributor, Open Source Multiversal & Italian Native Speaker, Italian podcaster

For reportage of all my events as speaker/attendee, check my blog on I was there or Io C'ero!


  • Git in 30 minutes - How to use and learn Git in 30 minutes
    Git is the swiss knife of developers but is not easy to use and can be confusing to newcomers.
    We can discover Git in 30 minutes from scratch without a demo!
  • Contribute to Open Source: The right way [Video in Italian] - Core ideas of my FOSS book about... FOSS
    All the projects from the Open Source world has the same issues/needs that involve different area: localization, communication, promotion, organization, development, reporting and so on.
    In my free and open source book I introduce all the various points, about my experience in various projects during the years with my learnings and suggestions.
  • Generate a DeepSpeech model with the help of your community [Video in English] - How to get fun with teamwork
    The story of how Mozilla Italia added the Italian language to Common Voice and after an year generated the language model.
    With the help of a lot of people in the various related project, developing tools and scripts, find and gather the sentences, do promotion and finally generate the model for Italian.
  • The bad, the ugly and Query Monitor [Video in Italian] - The right way to debug in WordPress
    When the man with a log meets the man with the right tool, the man with var_dump is a dead man.
    Every developer need to use the best tools to kill bugs and the debug tools to get ready for the next gunfighter ehm bugfighter.
  • How to be a project mantainer on someone else stuff [Video in English] - My personal experience on maintaining other's Open Source projects
    What are the common issues and problems of a newcomer for this role?
    What do you need to be a co-maintainer also for your projects?
    From a dev point of view from a manager point of view.
  • Hacking (and secure) a WordPress site! [Video in Italian] - How to sleep well and not cry in a corner!
    What do you need to hack a WordPress website?
    What do you need to secure your website?
    These (not) easy questions are the basic for every sysadmin or maintainer of a WordPress site.
  • What you can do with WP-CLI [Video in Italian] - Developers and Syadmin love the shell so let's discover how can be amazing manage WordPress
    The shell enable the user to automatize process to migrate or initialize or the loveable backups. WordPress have more then this so let's see examples!
  • Webextension's Anatomy [Video in Italian | Video in English (Fosdem)]
    WebExtensions API changed everything in the browser worls but how much is easy to build an extension?
  • Firefox is ready for the modern dev? [Video in Italian | Video in Italian]
    Firefox has amazing dev tools that support the last technologies but they can used also with other browsers and NodeJS.
    Firefox is not only a browser but also a tool for a developer to speed up his job. In this talk we will see few tricks and also new features that you probably don't know.
  • Wordpress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 3.2 [Video in Italian]
    WordPress is the most used CMS in the world and it is very easy to do a plugin with saving of time using libraries, help of Composer and a code generator. WPBP is a boilerplate for plugins that do everything for you!
    We will discover the WPBP project and how to do in live a little plugin. You will see the WordPress development in a different way!
  • Coaching for open source community 2.0 [Video in English]
    Do you know that there are many little tips and approaches that can improve your community health and quality for the participation?
    A community is a big company with a different purpose: a passion.
    That passion is the key but is not enough to manage a community and let to grow and improve his effect every day. Coaching is a way to improve your action as community leader or volunteer without change your workflow.
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