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How to do a Talk?

Tips and rules for you

Created by Daniele Scasciafratte / @mte90net

My experience

  • My first experience Linux Day 2013 in Rome
  • Few stickers on the laptop (bought online)
  • Joined only 2 tech conference before
  • My fear was:
    • The people doesn't care about my topic
    • They will do strange questions
    • My slides will be interesting?


Few points about you (of today not 10 years ago), in case that explain also why you are here

Find an interesting topic

How to define a topic

  • What is the knowledge/category of the audience?
  • Think about your experience in last 4 months
    • A new workflow
    • Improvements on an old workflow
    • A new technology
    • Discuss about an issue
    • Something that need to be shared to the audience
      • Awareness
      • Wrong way/New way

Before to create the slides

  • Breathe
  • You are a person not a professional speaker
    • Your topic is important
    • Not depend to you to approve your talk in the event
    • What can be interesting to the audience?
      • Think as an attendee newbie to the topic
      • Simplify as you can
      • An advanced version not require slides
      • Advanced stuff at the end of the talk
      • There is also the question time

The slides order

Create in your mind the talk content following the order: Thesis, Antithesis, Cool information, Cool tool, conclusion

Think also that not all the slides are mandatory, in that way you can manage your time

Why Cool?

You need to keep the focus of the people, and they want listen something interesting and also see funny images or metaphore from movie

Prepare the talk in advice

Create the slides in advice can help you to improve the slides in the next days without think so much


Try how sound and if also is missing something


Ask for feedback, like for the audience, you are here to improve yourself!

Your turn!

“Do. or do not. There is no try”